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Todd Moyer and JJ Lund

Genesis & Change

Todd Moyer, owner of Shade, was raised in the world of plants. Many of his favorite childhood memories were created at the family nursery and it was always his dream to own his own one day. Being raised in this environment, he believed in the importance of providing top-quality plant materials to homeowners and the landscape industry. After running his own landscaping company, he discovered there was a significant need for a local provider of top-quality products. In 2015, he met JJ Lund, who became a popular client for Todd. JJ went from client to business partner in a recipe for success: Two hardworking gingers, inspired and ready for adventure… Shade Landscape Supply was born!

Our Passion Is You

“Come to be Inspired, Leave Empowered” is not just a statement of vision or mission. At Shade, we believe that as humans we need space to get back to basics and our relationship with nature and the earth. We are passionate about you and your endeavor to find a place of peace and tranquility where you are reinvigorated and can reinvent your core. Taking time to smell the roses is not just a passive directive. Getting back to your roots—plant roots—as a human being is both healthy and productive for other areas of life. For this reason, we encourage you to visit Shade and find yourself in the nature of plants and the garden. We are Shade and we are here to help you reach this goal.

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